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This website is about painting with airless sprayers. I would have called it but that was already taken! Go figure.

Using an airless paint sprayer sounds easy enough...  Right? BUT there is more to it than pulling it out of the box, plugging it in and adding some paint! So if you have never used an airless sprayer before and are thinkin' about buying one you should read this first. I'm not trying to talk you out of going to airless, just don't want you to be surprised and learn the hard way like I did. Once you get the hang of it though and know how to clean the sprayer then it's the way to paint if you have a lot of painting to do. Its not really worth the trouble if you are just paint one room though.

Unfortunately you still have to do good prep-work in order to get a good paint job, that part hasn't changed. So a airless painter won't help you there. When somebody invents a "prep machine" they'll be the next Bill Gates! Anyways, do a good job when you prep because you sprayer is going to do a good job and together you will have a good paint job.

If you already bought a airless sprayer, read the manual! If you are one of those "I dont read manuals or instructions or ask for directions" kind of guys and everybody you know knows that then slip the manual into a newspaper and take it with you to the bathroom when you do your daily paperwork and read the manual there in private. Reading it will save you a lot of headache and or embareassment.

Clean your airless spray rig as soon as you are done painting! You will probably be tired from all the work you have done but this is reall important, don't call it a day until the sprayer is clean! There should be filters in the paint pump and in the spray gun, don't ferget to clean those too. I will write some detailed instructions here soon (as I can figure out how to make another page) cause cleaning your sprayer really good is very important if you want it to last and not cost you a bunch of money to fix.

Put "pump preserver" in it right after you clean it! There are a few different kinds... I like the Liquid Shield stuff made by Titan because it can be thinned with water which means it goes farther than some others that are supposed to be used full strength. Pump Armor made by Graco is good too but you're supposed to use it full strength. Its a good one to use if you can get a good deal on it like at this place - Pump Armor store. it is also good if you think your paint sprayer may freeze, the bottle says its good to -30 degrees. Some people say that regular car anti-freeze can be used but dont! it has other chemicals in it that are good for cars and bad for paint sprayers.

The newest airless sprayer I have and use the most now is a Graco 190ES highboy. I also have a Graco Magnum XR5 which has been a good little sprayer. I got it off EBay, I think it was the same company that I got my 190 but am not sure. that was a few years ago. The 190 has more power and is built like the bigger contractor sprayers but was way cheaper. I got it online from a paint compressor place that had 50% off accessories when you bouhgt certain airless paint sprayers. I use the 190 for spraying exterior latex paint and thats about it. I now just use the XR5 for spraying oilbase stains and wood preservers on decks and fences and that kind of stuff. Oh and for pressure rolling interior latex.

Safety <
You need to be very careful when using a airless sprayer! Airless sprayers work by super pressurizing the paint. When the high pressure paint goes through the gun it atomizes. Other sprayers like HVLP or the ones you spray a car with use air to atomize the paint. Airless sprayers pump the paint anywhere from about 2800 PSI to 3300 pounds per square inch. Some even go upto 4000! Paint at high pressure can give you an injection injury. It will go right through your skin! That kind of injury can kill! So dont use your sprayer without the guard on the spray gun. Always relieve all the pressure in the hose and sprayer before taking anything apart. Never use a damaged hose or try to repair airless hose. Wear safety glasses. br>

A couple of the accessories I got are pretty handy. The 30" tip extension is great for spraying decks so you don't have to bend over. I wish I got that when I got the XR5! The power-roller is kinda cool but takes some getting used to. it is great if you are going to do alot of rolling but not really worth the trouble for just one room. The whip-hose or hose-whip depending on who you talk to is nice because it makes it easier move and turn the gun which keeps your hand from getting wornout.

I recommend getting a few different sizes of tips too. The ones I use the most are;
413 - interior latex
515 - some interior latex, some exterior latex
517 - exterior latex
311 - oilbase stain and water sealer on decks and fences

I use these tips sometimes:
619 - exterior latex, big walls
I also have a fine finish tip for clears and gloss latex which is a FFT312. You need a blue tip guard to use a finish tip or the blue Graco tips. Graco Rac X (or 10?) as I recall.

Here is a page about my Graco 190es

A page about airless sprayer tips

I will keep writing as I have time, so check back.

thanks for readin' this! Hope it helps.

Coming soon...
Airless accessories; tip extensions, pressure rollers, etc

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