Graco 190es

This webpage is about the Graco 190es airless paint sprayer.

This is a pretty nice paint sprayer!. It sprays exterior paint much better than the Magnum XR5 I have. It seems to do it with less effort to. I can use a 619 tip with it so can paint faster. The manifold filter is easyier to get to and is bigger. It is easy to move around with the wheels, except going upstairs. The gun has a built in swivel wich is real nice, don't have to fight the hose much. It just looks and feels very sturdy. It is built like the Graco "full-time painter" models, such as the 390. It has a rebuildable pump and electronic pressure control. Plus when you show up with a sprayer like the 190es, people are like "this guy is serious".

The only draw back so far is that it is much bigger and heavier than the XR5. It won't fit in the trunk, that's for sure!

I guess there are 2 models of the 190es, I got the original one. Grandpa said to "never buy the first model of anything, wait till they get the bugs worked out". The one I got is a 233815, the new one is # 261825

I looked at the Magnum ProX9... I liked the fact that it folded up, but the frame didn't seem as tough as the 190es. The Prox9 has a flexible intake tube, I like the idea of a metal intake tube since any dried paint inside is less likely to flake off and get stuck in the pump. The ProX9 was more money to. I think the 190 es is a better bang_for_the_buck. I looked at some other sprayers. It seemed most are made in other countries, I prefer "Built in the USA".

I highly recommend this airless sprayer for people like me who don't spray for a living, who spray here n there but wnat a good quality sprayer that has some umf. I feel this sprayer should last a long time if taken care of. I will not loan this one to anyone!

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